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When DIY website changes go wrong!

When DIY website changes go wrong!

We have seen many examples when business owners will consider doing small websites changes themselves in order to save a little on website maintenance costs. This OK as long as you are confident and understand exactly the implications of the changes.

WordPress as a platform allow you to complete these changes even if you are not that tech savvy via an easy to use admin back end panel.

Simple text changes or image changes can be done very easily using the WordPress backend and we provide training and encourage the website owners to add content and keep the website updated regularly not only for customer benefits but also for SEO ranking. Google loves fresh content!

So what happens when a website owner decides to update the theme of the website or an existing plugins which require a more technical knowledge? Disaster!

Recently we have been notified of a client website being down and upon our check we noticed a new theme has been installed that is not compatible with the PHP version provided by the hosting company.

These changes have resulted in the website being completely shut down with an error, requiring either a restore from backup or database changes to activate the previous working theme costing the website owner few days of work to restore and bring the site back online again.

WordPress requires its core framework and plugins to be updated quiet regularly but these changes must be done by someone that understands the working platform and backups the entire website prior to completing any of the updates.

At Mircom we provide a FREE Health check for your website and can update your website to the latest version of WordPress including all of the custom plugins used.

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